The Album Experience

There’s just something about listening a record! A record is that big plastic circle that you put the needle down on and you hear music! Anyways, there’s just something so special about that bit of plastic! An album is something that should be an experience… You put the album on…you explore the art work… Maybe follow along with the lyrics as your listening. The only thing that I don’t like about the iPod is I don’t get that experience. I can’t read the liner notes. I can still enjoy the music, but with the record you have the music in your hands! There is a lot of work that goes into that! There’s a reason why they call it “album art”. The artwork should tell you about the adventure that you are just about to go on. One of the things that I have always wanted to go is to do album art! When you think of certain albums, the cover is one of the things you think of! There are covers that have become iconic! They have become just as known as the music within! So, back to the music… An album shouldn’t just be a series of singles… You should come away learning a little bit about the artist and quite possibly about yourself! I have started making my own album and I have enjoyed it so far! It feels good to know that I am bringing something into this world that someone somewhere is gonna put on and possibly get something out! It’s been cool to whatch the album take shape! I look forward to working on it more and to build it! Hopefully, you get where I am going with this… The album is an experience!


Our Music Scene…

Over the last year or so, I have been taking pictures of many local bands! I have made all sorts of friends and have seen tons of shows! I must say that we have an amazing music scene! This is a scene that is as diverse and wide as the Arizona desert! My favorite part is how everyone has their own sound. Everyone is doing their own thing, but there is also a sense of community. Everyone hangs out with each other and are support each other. This is how a scene grows… by supporting each other. We encourage each other and everyone just keeps getting better! I look forward every week to going out and taking photos around town! I feel privileged to be able to show people through taking pictures what is going on around town. I also love the support that I have been given to continue! Keep on rocking! You guys are awesome!